Prospective students

I am interested in hearing from potential Masters and PhD students with an interest in the human dimensions of climate change, specifically vulnerability and adaptation research. Research funding that I currently have is tied to Arctic regions – although this may broaden in 2011 – noting that I am also happy to supervise non-Arctic climate change projects but have less scope to provide funds.  Please look on my website to check out some of the work I have been doing and feel free to contact my employees and/or students to enquire about what it is like to work in the Vulnerability and Adaptation Research Group. I place strong emphasis on students who are independent, creative, and who have enthusiasm for research, and offer a dynamic and young working environment with opportunities to work on exciting projects.

I get a lot of enquiries from prospective students, many of which I am afraid I can’t respond to, so please read the following if you wish to explore research opportunities:

  • McGill has very high entry standards so I usually only take students with a high GPA (North America: >3.6; UK: 1st or high 2:1; other: distinction).
  • Work experience or project development, particularly in the climate change field or social science field work in general is an asset.
  • Good references are essential.
  • In some cases, very strong references combined with work experience can count for more than the GPA stated above.
  • If you are an international student looking to do a masters international fees apply; in this case having your own funding is helpful. PhD students pay domestic fees.
  • When you contact me I am looking for you to demonstrate that you understand what work my group does and that you have read up on my research. Applicants who really stand out propose a research project, research interest, or area of focus in their early communications.