Canadian federal support for climate change and health research compared with the risks posed

2011 May 1

Ford, J., et al. (2011). American Journal of Public Health, 101(5), 814-821. Access PDF.

For emerging public health risks such as climate change, the Canadian federal government has a mandate to provide information and resources to protect citizens’ health. Research is a key component of this mandate and is essential if Canada is to moderate the health effects of a changing climate.

We assessed whether federal support for climate change and health research is consistent with the risks posed. We audited projects receiving federal support between 1999 and 2009, representing an investment of Can$16 million in 105 projects.

Although funding has increased in recent years, it remains inadequate, with negligible focus on vulnerable populations, limited research on adaptation, and volatility in funding allocations. A federal strategy to guide research support is overdue.

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