Arctic Change – Day 2 // Afternoon @ccarg presentations

2017 December 12

Now that day two of Arctic Change 2017 is halfway done, it’s time to highlight more @ccarg member presentations.

At 2:00pm in room 304 AB, Melanie will be presenting on Key principles and challenges for effective knowledge mobilization with Arctic communities. In her talk, Melanie highlights some of the key principles of knowledge mobilization with Arctic communities based on themes identified in the literature and through interviews (n=24). She will also reflect on some of the key challenges in effective knowledge mobilization.



Next, Dylan will follow at 3:30pm with his presentation on Mapping transportation system vulnerabilities to climate change across the Canadian Arctic.

  • We are currently developing a vulnerability index for all 53 Inuit communities across the Canadian Arctic. Informed by the work of Cutter, Hewitt, Smit, and Burton, as well as our teams experience in the region, we will be mapping out how communities are vulnerable to climate change. As a component of this, we will be assessing where there is adaptation happening or potential for it, and what impacts potential adaptations may have on the system. The index is being developed in consultation with communities, territorial, and federal knowledge holders and officials. The final product will provide policy makers with a clear representation of climate change impacts on sectors across the region. We will be linking the index with regional climate projections for future planning. – Dylan Clark

Finally, Darya will wrap up the day at 5:00pm with a follow-up presentation on her topic of Bakeapple picking in a changing physical and social landscape.

Check back in tomorrow for updates on @ccarg in Arctic Change 2017.

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