Mel Presents Research on Food Security Planning at ArcticNet 2018

2018 December 18


Last week, Mel along with her research partners from Nunatsiavut government, presented two talks on their joint project in food security planning in the Nunatsiavut region.

Talk one provided an overview of the collaboration of the project and provided tools the team have been using in co-designing and co-facilitating the work. The team also reflected on how the collaboration had been going so far providing examples of challenges and benefits seen to date.


Mel (centre), with Nain local project co-ordinator, Raymond Obed (right), and Nunatsiavut Government Food Security Coordinator, Kristeen McTavish (left).


Their second talk focused on the participatory scenario planning exercises they were using in the region to provide community input and engagement into the regional food security planning process. The team discussed the reason they had used this approach, how they had applied it to date and some of the preliminary results coming out of the work regarding food security data and information about how effective the method was in an Arctic context.

Mel really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet and present with her research partners from the region and will be joining them back up North as soon as the Christmas season is over.


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