Angus Presents Poster At ArcticNet 2018

2018 December 18


Last week Angus presented a poster summary of his project, Tooniktoyok, at ArcticNet 2018.


Developed in collaboration with the Hamlet of Ulukhaktok, and with funding from Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC), Tooniktoyok – meaning ‘to provide for, with extreme determination’ – is a community-led project, aiming to co-produce knowledge around the microeconomics of subsistence and climate adaptation in Canada’s Far North.


Running between June 2018-June 2019, the project places particular emphasis on the day-to-day conditions experienced by individuals whilst out on the land. Specifically, the magnitude and nature of environmental change as compared with past conditions, how these are affecting hazards faced and the viability of traditional trail routes, and the economic costs of associated with necessary adaptation and the continuation of hunting practices.


Angus (centre), pictured with Tooniktoyok project lead, Dr. Tristan Pearce (right), and Patrick Joss (left), resident of Ulukhaktok and recipient of the ArcticNet 2018 Northern Travel Fund.


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