In 2015 the @ccadapt internship programme was created to give current and finishing undergraduate / graduate students research experience on human dimensions of climate change projects. Three students were recruited for summer 2015, and worked on diverse projects ranging from examining the engagement of Indigenous issues in the IPCC, to examining adaptation readiness in transboundary basins. Four interns will join the lab in summer 2016. The program has a strong focus on mentoring interns to lead projects from research design to writing, with articles from 2015 interns contributing to publications in Nature Climate Change and Climatic Change. Interns are provided a competitive stipend for their work and join a lab of students and researchers working on cutting edge research.

2015 Interns
Simon Tilleard
Laura Cameron
Emily Elsinger

2016 Interns
Akiva Blander
Aleksandra Conevska
Ashley Dawn Bach
Ella Belfer

2017 Interns
Ella Belfer
Aleksandra Conevska
Malcolm Araos

Internship Related Publications

Ford, J.D., Cameron, L., Rubis, J., Maillet, M., Nakashima, D., Willox, A.C., and Pearce, T. (2016) Including indigenous knowledge and experience in IPCC assessment reports. Nature Climate Change. 6, 349-353.