TRAC3 members attending COP21


Dr. James Ford
Associate Professor
Department of Geography
McGill University
Dr. Robbert Biesbroek
Assistant Professor
Department of Social Sciences
Wageningen University
Alexandra Lesnikowski
PhD Student
Department of Geography
McGill University
Malcolm Araos
Masters Student
Department of Geography
McGill University
Stephanie Austin
Masters Student
Department of Geography
McGill University



TRAC3 Side Event
Ms. Alexandra Lesnikowski will be representing the TRAC3 team at an official joint side event at the COP entitled Tracking adaptation progress and enabling readiness, which will take place on Saturday the 5th of December, starting at 15:00 in room OR-4.
The event, jointly organized by the University of Maryland, the Korea Green Foundation, the Eikosphere Foundation, and the TRAC3 team from McGill, will discuss methods and concepts for measuring adaptation progress across countries and enabling readiness for private sector engagement.
The event will start with opening presentations that review key issues related to measuring and tracking adaptation and readiness. This will be followed by a stakeholder panel where key stakeholders will respond to the presentations, and also offer their views on tracking & measuring adaptation, and the way in which this could support planning and decision-making processes.
Session 1: Insights from science & research

Moderator: Catherine Cunningham, President, Eikosphere Foundation
Yun Sun-Jin, Vice-Dean of Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Seoul National University. Topic: Climate Adaptation Strategy and Readiness of Private Companies from the Perspective of Social Responsibility: The case of Seoul
Jessica Hellmann, Director, University of Minnesota Institute on the Environment. Topic: Readiness in the ND Global Adaptation Index
Alexandra Lesnikowski, Department of Geography, McGill University. Topic: Assessing progress on adaptation across countries
Anand Patwardhan, Professor, University of Maryland. Topic: Monitoring & evaluation to support learning and mainstreaming

Session 2: Stakeholder panel on needs and applications; followed by open discussion

Moderator: Saliha Dobardzic / representative from the GEF Secretariat (TBC)
Moritz Kraemer, Standard & Poor’s Managing Director and Chief Rating Officer. Sovereign Ratings. Topic: Insights from ratings agencies for assessing readiness (TBC)
Kanta Kumari Rigaud / Steven Hammer, World Bank. Topic: Lessons from the PPCR for promoting and assessing readiness (TBC)
UNFCCC Adaptation Committee / developing country representative. Topic: Country perspectives on readiness (TBC)
UNDP / UNEP representative. Topic: Insights from supporting the NAP process for adaptation readiness (TBC)


TRAC3 Exhibit
The TRAC3 exhibit booth will be showcasing the team’s publications and other research outputs at the main COP venue throughout the first week of the meetings. Swing by the booth and meet the team in Hall 4 — We look forward to meeting you!

More information will be posted here as it becomes available.

TRAC3 Publications
Emerging Research Results Booklet:

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Austin, S., Shefka, D., Ford, J. (2015). Tracking Surveillance and Monitoring of Climate Change and Health Impacts in Canadian Jurisdictions. A report for the Climate Change and Health Office, Health Canada, Ottawa.
Austin, S., Ford, J., Berrang-Ford, L. (2014). Climate Change Adaptation Actions in the Health Sector and Their Usefulness in Canada. A report for the Climate Change and Health Office, Health Canada, Ottawa.
Austin, S., Berrang-Ford, L., Ford, J.D. (2014). State of knowledge and gaps of public health and climate change adaptation. A report for the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ottawa.

News and Other Media
Araos, M. (2015). Adaptation to climate change — how well is Dhaka doing?. Dhaka Tribune (September 19th 2015).